Coke on the Top of Mt Everest

You always wonder why people redo the same things they have done before. Why some men choose to run the marathon again and again, year after year, to experience the same pains and the same joys. In the end, you almost always attain the same thing, the same feeling of success you had the last time. And yet, something drives you to do it over and over and over again. I asked myself, ” Why does someone do this ?”. Why does a person go through a struggle again, after he has already gone through it ? If he wanted … Continue reading Coke on the Top of Mt Everest

The Enigma of Choice

As a science student, the concept of choice, and of free thinking has always amazed me. Looking at choice from a population’s perspective, you realize that it is no more than random behavior. Though a choice is an informed instinctive action, you dont know whether the choice will serve you well in the longer run, and though we sometimes look back and say, maybe we should have walked down the other road, the fact remains that you cannot go back. And therein lies the enigma of choice. For me, a choice is to say at a given moment, whether light … Continue reading The Enigma of Choice

On the Philosophy of “Life” .. (Read Fundaes on Life)

“Life”, Many a bard have spoken of it They have spoken of people, and where they fit Some claimed Life is beautiful, its a dream They’ve spoken of love, and how in love, peopleĀ  gleam Some have written on poverty, and how life is unfair With the poor lies their sympathy, and the rich get a glare Life, some claim is no more than a biological process, Perhaps we are only pawns, In a gods game of chess. So, to hell with the philosophies of life, Live it out well – be it in strife or with your wife ! … Continue reading On the Philosophy of “Life” .. (Read Fundaes on Life)