The Sham that is the Food Security Bill

The food security bill which was passed yesterday in the Lok Sabha has been criticized by the opposition because the government is trying to regain lost sympathy prior to elections. In the process they have ignored what should be the most important criticism for the Bill … Continue reading The Sham that is the Food Security Bill

At the Grass Root Level

The masses in our country have always been an entity which we have always viewed as one. As a group of more than a million people, all grouped into a single measure, and as a consequence of this, our entire outlook towards society has been based on social classifications for the same. For most people, life is an endless chore, its hardwork which brings just enough food, clothing, shelter and perhaps an education for their kids. As a passerby, we scarce notice such people, for time is short and life is fleeting. Is it our upbringing, our way of life, … Continue reading At the Grass Root Level

On the Philosophy of “Life” .. (Read Fundaes on Life)

“Life”, Many a bard have spoken of it They have spoken of people, and where they fit Some claimed Life is beautiful, its a dream They’ve spoken of love, and how in love, peopleĀ  gleam Some have written on poverty, and how life is unfair With the poor lies their sympathy, and the rich get a glare Life, some claim is no more than a biological process, Perhaps we are only pawns, In a gods game of chess. So, to hell with the philosophies of life, Live it out well – be it in strife or with your wife ! … Continue reading On the Philosophy of “Life” .. (Read Fundaes on Life)