Thou Art …

To everything in life, there seem to be two components. The science behind it, and the art behind it. Knowing only the science makes you a machine, while knowing only the art, makes you a dreamer. The confluence of the two, makes you, to use a typical iit term, godly. The art of doing something, is something which people cannot teach you. It is something,which is innately present, and no amount of schooling can improve this artistic ability. The science of doing things however, is quite easily picked up. Infact, even science has an artistic component to it. Mathematics, which … Continue reading Thou Art …

On the Changing Perceptions

In an article like this, what would you address a female who is between the age of say 16 to 21 ? Should I call them women, girls or ladies. Lady makes it sound as if I were addressing some British Aristocratic woman. So, I guess we can eliminate that. The conundrum however, between ‘girl’ and ‘woman’ still remains. So, I will address the young pretty lasses, ‘girls’, when in the context, they remind you of the twelve-year-old girl you used to sit behind on the school bus and tease on the way back from school, and a woman when … Continue reading On the Changing Perceptions

Its all about the hair !

It all sparked off I think a few weeks ago. I was watching an episode of HIMYM, and in one of the numerous scenes it occurred; the reason why people grow their hair long. We are all of free mind and body. We simply cannot expect to remain constrained in a system. We have to rebel. But the fact is, that in modern society, we have nothing concrete to rebel against. We dont have any racial discrimination, we dont have any civil war, or national war. We have no outwardly place to express this tendency of rebellion in the community. … Continue reading Its all about the hair !

Change … My Present take on it

Its a generation of email, chat, tweets, status messages and blogs. Its a generation of over 1000 friends on Facebook, 1000 people in ones chat list. Its a generation where ‘i’ has a totally different meaning. Is it a generation who have lost their way somewhere down the line ? Have we forgotten the things which are the most important in the pursuit of something we know not what ? Think about how much has changed in the last 10 years. 10 years ago, Google was virtually unknown. Imagine yourselves without Google. 10 years ago, there was no such thing … Continue reading Change … My Present take on it