What Education Makes you Forget ?

He was a boy, just like any other. He did not realize it then, but when he opened his eyes, he saw his parents smiling. What he also did not realize then, was that the thoughts which formed in his head then, he would spend a lifetime not answering. It was a boy. He looked down at him, and smiled. He didnt wonder why. He smiled because he was supposed to. That was what the world made him out to be.   Continue reading What Education Makes you Forget ?

On the Changing Perceptions

In an article like this, what would you address a female who is between the age of say 16 to 21 ? Should I call them women, girls or ladies. Lady makes it sound as if I were addressing some British Aristocratic woman. So, I guess we can eliminate that. The conundrum however, between ‘girl’ and ‘woman’ still remains. So, I will address the young pretty lasses, ‘girls’, when in the context, they remind you of the twelve-year-old girl you used to sit behind on the school bus and tease on the way back from school, and a woman when … Continue reading On the Changing Perceptions