On the Spirit that Haunts

In essence, both science and religion are both based on beliefs; science on unverifiable hypothesis like evolution and the Big Bang theory, and religion on the mystic powers of spirituality and God. Five centuries ago, the claims of religion would probably be accepted as true, and science would seem no more than a theory. After all, it is but natural to assume that the earth is stationary and we were created as we are. Time does changes a lot, and in the case of spiritual beliefs, they are now made to seem like the weirdest theories ever floated. Ultimately, both … Continue reading On the Spirit that Haunts

Its all about the hair !

It all sparked off I think a few weeks ago. I was watching an episode of HIMYM, and in one of the numerous scenes it occurred; the reason why people grow their hair long. We are all of free mind and body. We simply cannot expect to remain constrained in a system. We have to rebel. But the fact is, that in modern society, we have nothing concrete to rebel against. We dont have any racial discrimination, we dont have any civil war, or national war. We have no outwardly place to express this tendency of rebellion in the community. … Continue reading Its all about the hair !