The power of choice

This past week, several people were talking about a woman’s choice, prompted by this video by Vogue India. But the power of the choices which we have in our control is immense. Far more than what we are taught and what we often imagine. Continue reading The power of choice

On the Changing Perceptions

In an article like this, what would you address a female who is between the age of say 16 to 21 ? Should I call them women, girls or ladies. Lady makes it sound as if I were addressing some British Aristocratic woman. So, I guess we can eliminate that. The conundrum however, between ‘girl’ and ‘woman’ still remains. So, I will address the young pretty lasses, ‘girls’, when in the context, they remind you of the twelve-year-old girl you used to sit behind on the school bus and tease on the way back from school, and a woman when … Continue reading On the Changing Perceptions

Dedicated to the XX ..

Monday, 8th of March, is the international day for women. We celebrate the empowerment of women in society – economic, political and social. But the real question is, has there been any empowerment of women in society, and more importantly, what do you mean when you say empowerment ? Some say it means confidence, self-respect or simply power. Yet, the irony remains that in today’s society, the ’empowered woman’ has to wear a traditionally masculine attire, to gel in with the crowd. While some sections of society treat this advent of professional working class women a step towards the ultimate … Continue reading Dedicated to the XX ..