Yesterday, a rather curious observation I made amidst my preparation for the Chemistry Quiz. A random meandering thought took me to the word “evolve”. And I was intrigued by what lay in the reverse of the word; evlove. Odd word it may look like at first glance, but then look again. And faintly the words begin to separate, and you get “eve love”. And this most controversial theory of evolution had hidden in its reverse, something just as spectacular. Most of us are familiar with the Book of Genesis in the Old Testament. The apple, the snake and human mortality began there. I looked at the reverse and it occurred to me, that maybe the reason for the Book of Genesis was love. Eve and Adam could not live in the Garden of Eden because of something more powerful, something which bound them together but had no way to express itself, love. And at the beginning of it all, perhaps was love and it is that same love that is the reason for the evolution of human thought over the years. We have bettered ourselves at everything over time because of our love for the things we do.

Another very curious observation is how to evolve, has meant to love over atleast the course of the human evolution over the last billion years from other organisms. (I do realise that this statement does have many misconceived notions, if I were pardonable … .) Quite certainly, humans are the only organisms to share a feeling of love, compassion and empathy. No other organism actually has this ability. For the rest, it is instinct which drives them and what they do, but for us, we have something deeper which really gets us places. We have a certain feeling at times towards individuals, places and occupations, which make us believe in the good things that exist in the world.  To love, is to evolve and to evolve is to love, and in therein lies the beauty of the wor(l)d.

2 thoughts on “Evol(o)ve

  1. now…seeing my name here at d comments mite surprise u a bit…
    nevrdless- evol(o)ve ws a nice attempt…

    p.s. how will u figure out dat its me only , i mean i mite be someone else riting dis at bharat’s name 😛

  2. Just to contradict you at the end, animals have been scientifically proven to exhibit emotions such as love, jealousy and attachment, so we are not alone. And you are probably the only person I know who could think a train of thought from evolve to love without being stoned.

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